Skyracer Consulting

Skyracer was such a fun project to work on and their founder Rob Novotny was an incredible guy to work with (we’re still friends today). They help new and emerging technologies get connected to decision makers in the military to get contracts for their inventions. Rob at Skyracer has worked with people developing some of the coolest tech we can’t tell you about (or he’d have to kill you). 

In addition to the emerging tech consulting, Rob wanted to break into the leadership consulting space as well as keynote speaking. He saw this as a great way to use his years of military experience (he retired as a General in the Airforce) to help others succeed. 

We worked with Rob to figure out how to position these offerings on his site and clarify his vision for what he wanted to share. This is where our human and ai copyrighting service really came in clutch to save the day!

The clear value propositions, simple and clean design, and great placement of partner logos and quotes from previous clients clearly showcases the value Rob and his team provide. This clear showcase of value and the business it’s driven for Rob is what we’re most proud of about this build. 

See if you get these same impressions as you check out Skyracer Consulting!