Maven Social

This multi-site project was a lot of fun to work on! We started by making a template for this family of restaurants and bars (including a clear ice company) and tweaked each site’s design and function to match the unique branding and needs of each concept. We even did a little graphic design for a few of the concepts that needed it. 

One site needed to-go ordering capability, while another needed a rotating special menu, and another needed to sell tickets for live music events, and another has a mobile pizza oven, and another… well… you get the idea.

We were able to take all the different needs of each venue and create a unified design that kept everything looking like part of the same family of concepts.

Our favorite part of this design is of course the stunning header videos on each homepage! They really draw the site visitor in and show off the atmosphere of each space in a powerful way. 

Check out each site for yourself to see what you think!