Dundee Dell

The Dundee Dell has been an Omaha staple since 1934 but was hit hard by COVID. Under new ownership and with a completely remodeled dining room and whisky bar, it deserved a new website too!

We used images of the restaurant, as well as some of the custom labels from their bubbly to-go cocktails (if you haven’t had one, you’re missing out!) to get a feel for the modern, yet classic design. The colors for the site were inspired by the leather booths, honey-toned wood, brass lighting fixtures, and their newly redesigned logo.

Because they have seasonal needs, we have scheduled sections that show/hide during holidays like their special Lent menu that they only wanted to show on Fridays. During the Lent season, we scheduled the normal menu to be hidden and replaced by a special menu. This eliminated guest confusion and kept operations running smoothly during that busy season. 

Speaking of which, no one likes downloading a PDF menu, so we built an adaptive one right on the site. We also added a little design flair that makes us smile every time we scroll through it. Check out the menu for yourself to see the incredible food and drinks they offer and see if our little addition makes you smile too!

Check out each site for yourself to see what you think!