Dare Venture Group

DARE initially reached out to see if we could change a few things because their current website partner was being difficult to work with. We handled their initial need quickly and they must have been impressed because we ended up doing a full site refresh (minus their logo) to modernize their site’s look and feel.

Since the initial design, we’ve also worked with them on designing a pitch deck for a big contract. Spoiler alert: they won the contract!

Because of the simplicity of their needs, and their need to launch quickly, we opted for a single landing page. This proved to be a fun challenge for our copywriting team to compress all the information a potential client would need to know about DARE into a single page without scrolling forever!

Our favorite part of this design was part of the solution to this need. The changing tagline at the top and the “read more” buttons help keep the site simple and easy to scroll through, while still packing in a lot of information!

Check out the site for yourself to tell us what you think!