Avocado Finances

Avocado Finances is one of our pet projects. We’ve been experimenting with building and monetizing niche sites and wanted to put two of our staff’s financial expertise on display!

The name came from an obscure Australian business owner who said, “Millennials wouldn’t be so poor if they stopped buying avocado toast!” (paraphrase) and it was just a really funny oversimplification of the larger financial struggles faced by people today, so we wanted to incorporate that into our name. 

The logo is intentionally simple to hint at the uncomplicated advice offered on the site. kept that same simple design style in mind for the rest of the site as well using lots of greens (symbolizing growth and money) and blues (known to be a color that builds trust and communicates reliability).

We spent the most time designing the blog template since that’s what most people will see since they’re most likely to find the site from Google search results. We added the scrolling table of contents to make each post easier and simple to navigate.

To learn more about personal finance and strategies to be able to afford more avocado toast in your life, check out the site below!