Your New Digital Business Card

A Quick-Start Guide by Skout Media

Network Easier, Faster, and Smarter

Jump into the digital age with your new digital business card. Impress your contacts with a sleek contact sharing solution while doing your wallet (and Mother Nature) a favor.

Share Your Contact Info Your Way

You can share your digital business card using a link, QR code, NFC tap card or tag, through social media, text, email, and more! Anyone can receive your card without the need for a special app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share my digital business card?

Your digital business card is like any other page on your website which means you can share it by simply copying and pasting the link. You can also create a QR code for your digital card using a generator site or your phone browser. We also suggest adding it to your email signature.

Can I use an NFC tap card or tag?

Absolutely! All you have to do is purchase the tag or card and program it using an NFC app on your phone. You can also buy pre-programed tags and cards. 

Here is a tutorial for both Android and iPhone.

Where can I buy NFC cards and tags?

They are available for purchase from many retailers online. Here are two of our favorites:


How do I update my info?

That’s easy! Just contact us and we’ll get your digital business card up to date in no time.