BEARD Technologies Presents

The Power to Bend Time and Space in the Palm of Your Hand

BEARD Technologies Presents

The Power to Bend Time and Space in the Palm of Your Hand


Bio-Energy Assisted Relocation Device

BEARD operates on advanced bio-energy propulsion and teleportation technology. It harnesses bio-energy fields to generate propulsion, allowing for swift and eco-friendly transportation. The core technology behind BEARD is a sophisticated fusion of quantum mechanics, bio-molecular engineering, and artificial intelligence. 

At the heart of BEARD lies the Flux Quantum Processor (FQP), a compact yet immensely powerful quantum computing unit. The FQP facilitates real-time navigation, energy optimization of 1.21 gigawatts of power, and seamless teleportation processes. It utilizes quantum entanglement to establish instantaneous connections between source and destination points, enabling near-instantaneous travel through the flux capacitor.

The teleportation mechanism of BEARD utilizes bio-energy matrices to disassemble and reassemble individuals at their destination. This process ensures safe and accurate relocation, with minimal energy consumption and nearly no environmental impact.

We’ll Get You There Faster

Trips within 10 Miles are Already Possible

We’re eliminating short-distance travel to alleviate congested areas in major places like the Las Vegas Strip. 

Tele-Hubs Ensure Privacy and Safety for All

Privacy and safety are assured with dedicated hubs—no teleporting into someone’s bathroom or inside a wall.

Accessible for Everyone Leading to a Brighter Future

Designed from the ground up to ensure anyone and everyone can benefit from near-instant transportation. 

Why Teleportation?

Removing the burden of travel so people and our planet can thrive

Environmental Sustainability: reduces carbon emissions, promotes environmental sustainability, and combats climate change.

Accessibility for All: provides efficient transportation for individuals and groups, enabling seamless commutes to work, recreational activities, and family gatherings.

Reduces Transit Dependency: alleviates traffic congestion and improves urban and rural mobility.

Interplanetary Exploration

As technology evolves, BEARD holds the potential for intergalactic travel, opening up new frontiers for exploration and colonization beyond Earth.

Make Transportation Sexy

The BEARD is the newest magic trick on the Strip! With a wink, you finding yourself at your favorite casino or show in an instant. Say goodbye to sweaty awkward rideshares or long walks in the heat, and hello to the thrill of teleporting across the Strip!

– Vandana B. from Las Vegas, NV –

Teleporting on the Strip is like playing hopscotch with time itself! It's fast, it's fancy, and it's the ultimate flex when you're in a hurry. This is the only transportation method I recommend for my clients. Sure, you might occasionally end up with a beard, but that's just a sexy bonus in my book!

– Travis T. from Las Vegas, NV –

You step into the teleporter, feeling like a Vegas magician about to pull off the greatest trick of all time. With a few flashing lights, you're whisked away to your destination faster than you can say "high roller." It's like dancing through the heart of Vegas, with every zap and zoom adding a sprinkle of magic to your Sin City escapades!

– Cara C. from Lincoln, NE –

I hate to admit this, but it's better than the Vegas Loop.

– Elon M. from Boca Chica, TX –

Make Transportation Sexy

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